upcoming week(s)

Today was all about preparing for “routine” and running errands. I drove around Austin a bit, making sure I knew how to get to my interview and seeing how long it took. Then I went grocery shopping: yay for food! Either food prices have lowered or I bought less than usual. My bill was only $25, which I was kind of surprised by, but oh well, I spent any money saved on gas. It’s $2.31 a gallon here, which isn’t as bad as some places, but there went a quick twenty bucks. Sheesh. And tomorrow I have to pay rent and the cable bill. Some days I just feel so poor, ya know? Well, after I finish typing this post, I’ll do the orientation quiz online for my philosophy class tomorrow.

Now for some upsetting news, well upsetting to me at least. I left my external hard drive at home because I think it would just depress me too much to see it everyday. I asked for a quote to have my files professionally restored and they said $700-$1000 … like hell. But I just realized that what I have lost includes two years of pictures, two years of college papers, and two years of architecture work (all those CAD drawings and photoshop renderings – hours upon hours). Gone. Until I can find a magic solution. Ugh, cannot think about this now. This is why I left it at home! To keep myself from worrying so much about it. But there’s another worry. My memory card reader? Yeah, it’s dead dead now, not just sort of on-off dead like it used to be. Erg. So I’ll still be posting twice a week, but picture posts will be sparse since I’ll have to trek to a computer lab to download images from my camera.

Back to happy things, a break down of what I’ve been doing. 100 pages into “Prodigal Summer” – decent book, not exactly my kind of a read but still enjoyable. It’s been a while since I read a book just for fun and it’s so nice to read for an hour or so in bed when the world seems so quiet and peaceful. Starting to embroider a piece of fabric. Cut a 13″x13″ square of white cloth that I had laying around and I’m embroidering a random curling design on it with a few dark colors. What really sucks is that I only have a 6″ embroidery hoop so I keep having to stop and move the hoop around – very annoying. And I made dinner. Well, pasta. And I had a cup of flat ginger ale to go with it … yeah, did I mention I was a poor college student?

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

back to normal

Whew. Well, I am finally back in Austin, meaning that now things should be getting back to normal. Classes start on Monday (ack!) and I have a job interview on Tuesday (double ack!). I measured the throw pillows I have and they’re 18″x18″, then I measured my fabric … and wouldn’t you know it? I don’t have enough fabric to make three matching pillowcases. The pillows themselves aren’t bad since I just bought them at Target about eight months ago, but they’re solid navy blue and boring as hell. And I’m not a big fan of navy blue. Also, I can’t imagine why on earth I only bought three since I’m generally not a big fan of odd numbers. So I think I’m just going to go out and buy a fourth pillow and get enough fabric for four.

I also scanned some images from some old sketchbooks to serve as inspiration for my embroidery. Originally I was planning to trace the images with one of those disappearing-ink pens to exactly replicate the drawings, but I have since decided on a more freehand approach ’cause that’s just how I roll.

I tend to do a lot of abstract line drawings so I think a series of four pillows with these kind of random designs would look pretty spiffy in a college apartment, eh? The little guy … well I just thought he was cute. Found him in a sketchbook from my first semester of college. I might embroider him on something just for fun, he’s just so pudgy. I need to draw more, I do so love it. More meaningful posts to come – honestly!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]