finally back (sort of)

\Whew. So first week of class is over, and it’s a doozy. So far it’s pretty easy, but it’s philosophy and there’s just a ton of reading and on and on and on. Eh, not really my kind of thing. I’ve applied to a lot of places, but still no job, but I haven’t given up hope yet. So … I finally went to the computer lab on campus and got some pictures off of my camera.

Ta dah! The embroidery I’ve been working on. It’s currently far more intricate than in these pictures because I just keep working on it. There are a few places were I screwed up (this is what happens when you embroider at 4 AM) so I need to add more swirls to “fix” those areas. It’s kind of losing its clean look and becoming a bit too busy, but all-in-all I’m pretty happy with it. It’s all just chain-stitching. I expect I’ll post later when there’s more completion, when I’m finally happy with it, and when I turn it into a pillow. Hopefully I’ll get to that last stage sometime this summer, but who knows? Oh, and I almost forgot one of my favorite pictures.

090530 03 machine

It’s a sewing machine! My mother bought it for me when I was back at home as an early birthday gift. It’s just a simple beginner’s model, which is fine with me. I’d never actually used one of these things before, so it took some trial and error and I’m still not very good at using it. Anyway, it won’t be making much of an appearance as it’s staying at home for the summer, but no matter, since I have plenty of projects enough for now. In fact, this evening I finished a project which I’ll post tomorrow … if I manage to make it to the computer lab again.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is re-posted here for my own sake.]


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