need money, need job

When I complain about being a poor college student, it is because I am a) poor, and b) a college student. I have been desperately job hunting, and so far NO LUCK. I have e-mailed my resume to nine people and have heard back from three. One said they were no longer hiring, one said they received a lot of applications and would get back to me later, and the third gave me an interview (but it’s only a three-day job). At the suggestion of my sister, I’m looking into volunteering positions, but that doesn’t solve any of my money problems.

Arg … yes, this is a rather pointless rant, but I’m just so frustrated. I did a bit of shopping earlier today (er, Saturday afternoon) and I’ll have pictures and a more in-depth talk about it tomorrow (er, later today) Monday. Sheesh, I need to get back on a normal sleep schedule. Anyway, after my shopping trip I was exhausted since it’s hot out here and traffic was a nightmare, so I stopped by HEB because I have been craving milk. I’m lactose intolerant and haven’t had milk for months, so I picked up some yummy Lactaid milk, which unfortunately set me back about $3.50 for a half-gallon. That price made me sad. And before anyone starts pointing out that I had just been shopping, I’ll have you know that I only spent about $15 before I bought the milk. Yeah, so I’m not destitute, but I’m still decently poor. I NEED A JOB!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]