shopping trip

090608 01 dollar store

Who loves the Dollar Tree? Uh, that would be me and any other sane person in the world. It’s so much fun to just browse around there. All the stuff in the picture other than the magnets and ribbon were from there. So cheap! So wonderful!

On Saturday I was all a-fluster. I drove all the way down to the Re-Store since I had heard some wonderful things about it, but nope – complete bust. I was looking for tiles, door numbers, and cabinet knobs, and couldn’t really find any that suited my needs. They do great work, but because their stuff is donated, their selection is limited. Their stock is always changing though, so I’ll have to stop by later. Well then I went to Wal-Mart to look for fabric to make pillowcases, and I was shocked, SHOCKED, to find out that Wal-Mart no longer sells fabric. In my opinion, this is a great loss to humanity. They always had such cheap fabric … I guess next weekend I’ll have to go to either Hancock Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.

Anyway, I was depressed and was already stuck on the highway, so I figured I’d might as well just drive up to Target and pick up the desperately-needed fourth pillow. The fabric’s a bit different, which aggravates me, but at least the shape and size are the same. Which brings me back to the Dollar Tree. I shopped at Target, and discovered to my amazement that there was this wonderful Dollar Tree in the same shopping center! I had only been to Target once before (to get the original three pillows) and had never noticed it. It was meant to be.

I’m working on a bunch of small projects and job-hunting-wise, I’ve decided to lower my standards so tomorrow I’m going to be applying to (THE HORROR!) food-service positions. Beggars can’t be choosers, right? And you know how technology hates me? My mouse won’t click anymore.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]