gifts from ya’ll

I ADORE holidays, even the random ones. A lot of blogs out there are talking about Halloween, but over here, I’m getting ready for the Mid-Autumn Festival aka Moon Festival tomorrow, Saturday, October 3rd. Its date changes every year because it’s calculated on the lunar calendar, but it’s a great cultural holiday that involves the eating of moon cakes, which are delicious. Currently my moon cakes are hanging out in my fridge, just begging to be consumed, but I will resist until Saturday!

The main reason I love holidays is gifting. I love giving gifts, and I love receiving gifts. Just the small things make me happy. This post is about gifts I’ve received recently, from people around the blog world. Giveaways just make everything warm and fuzzy, don’t you agree? Now I just need to make something worthy of being given away to keep the happiness flowing.

091002 01 pure kindness

This beautiful pair of earrings (called “Pure Kindness”) from Jane at She Greets the Day arrived in the mail, really nicely packaged. Jane has a lovely little etsy shop with cute pieces of jewelry that you should check out. It’s always nice to find someone in blogger land who isn’t a mother. No offense to all of you out there, but sometimes I feel weird reading all these posts about children and families.

091002 02 callie cat

Then there was this Callie Cat from Debra at Creative Ramblings. Precious! Currently I have her chilling out on my crafting table, sitting next to my sewing machine, chiding me for not being more productive. I feel bad because Debra spent a fair amount just on the shipping, but I do love the fact that my room now feels more homey because of its new addition.

091002 03 lavender

Last, but not least, Lisa from The Davis Dialogues sent me this bracelet with panels of lavender … on dominoes! Nifty, eh? It’s a nice, chunky bracelet. I’ll probably wear it when I go out tonight.

Oh, and I stopped by Michael’s the other day and bought some snaps, so there starts my October total. First thing on this weekend’s list is grocery shopping, because I am out of food. Seriously out of food, as in I was starving and ended up driving to McDonald’s (the closest food source) to buy dinner. I feel pretty disgusted with myself. But I have moon cakes to look forward to and happy thoughts. Yeah, let’s not think about that essay … or that test … or the real world. But thanks to all of you! Yay Jane, Debra, and Lisa!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

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