not chinese

Went to Ikea for the first time ever. Despite all my many plans to visit the one in Round Rock, I never actually went. So yeah, it took a trip to the other side of the planet to get me to an Ikea. Just bought myself a little table for my laptop and a small shelf. Outside of the store there was a line of taxis waiting like at an airport. Weird. On the one hand I miss driving around, but on the other hand, traffic in Shanghai is a scary mess.

There was also a trip to KFC, and goodness gracious, it ain’t the same. Oh no. If there’s no mashed potatoes and gravy or cole slaw, it just ain’t KFC. Shame, none of those delicious biscuits here either. Nope, but rice and soup are available. And their chicken sandwiches use dark meat instead of the standard white meat. Weird. I miss artery-clogging food. I’d probably kill for biscuits and gravy right now.

100623 publr

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]


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