boring week

This week went by ridiculously fast. People are dropping like flies in my class … well, they’re all going home. There’s only one week left of the summer session, but my class (which started out at 17 people) is down to six. So things have been pretty quiet because it’s not as much fun going out to eat lunch when there’s only two or three people. Before we’d have huge groups of seven or eight and then it’s easier to order family style. Next week will probably be even more boring than this week was, but at least it’s been going fast, eh?

After class I usually will do a bit of shopping, or more of window shopping. I really shouldn’t be spending so much money … tsk tsk to me. Friday afternoon I went with a few classmates to the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. We never went to the museum, we just stayed in the subway station. That sounds really odd, but the subway station is actually one giant fake market. I ended up buying one “Jimmy Choo” bag. Not because of the “brand” but because I needed a new bag. I paid 150 RMB for it but I probably could’ve gone lower if I had tried and if I wasn’t so fed up with everything by that point. Oh, and I’m fairly small. And for some reason people think that makes it okay for them to grab my arm and drag me into their shops. And unfortunately my flip-flops didn’t provide enough traction, so I got pulled into places fairly frequently. That was really annoying. They would grab me rather strongly, block my exit, follow and chase me down the hall – not fun. I don’t think I’ll go back there for a very long time. It’s an experience, but it took forever, I got yanked around, bargaining was a pain, … yeah. I was ridiculously tired at the end of it.

The sculpture below is from a shopping street near Nanjing Road, which has more of the classy shops, where there’s no bargaining. The area caters towards Western tastes as nearby there was a Krispy Kreme and Papa John’s. Oh, and apparently a Carl’s Jr is in the works nearby. Further along the road there was a Nike store and some Gucci kind of places. Way out of my price range, but a nice place to walk.



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