hey pretty lady

It’s always nice when someone says that you’re pretty. The other day I was in the elevator of my apartment complex and a lady stepped on, looked at me, and said, “Oh, you are so pretty.” Aw … thanks, lady. She was an expat, spoke English, probably in her 30s-40s, and spoke with a smile. That is fine. However, when people tell me I’m pretty and then proceed to FOLLOW ME DOWN THE STREET … oh hell no. Don’t touch me, get away from me, and stop asking me if I have a boyfriend. Ew.

I also need to get better at saying no to people. I’m used to being friendly and other people being polite, so if someone gives me a flyer I feel like I need to take it. Unfortunately here that usually leads to a short conversation, the person following me, and/or someone trying to drag me off. Even though it’s really rude, it’s so much easier to just pretend that I understand what they’re saying, shake my head, act all exasperated, and say bu4 yao4 or vyo. Should’ve done that today … bad bad bad. No matter, I am now home and safe.

Quick recap of everything else: First week of school and all is well. Found the foreign language bookstore and it’s fabulous. Need to figure out a better sleep schedule. Need to figure out how work is going to work … id est, when I work next and what I need to do. So all in all, things are just fine.