unchanged tastes

China is a huge country with a long history, a distinct culture, and a notable cuisine. Unfortunately, that cuisine ain’t always to my liking. Sure, I will eat the Chinese food and I’ll try all the weirdness, but at the end of the day, I will probably always prefer a hamburger. Against chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, no amount of mooncakes or pan-fried dumplings could compete.

The other day I had a ham and cheese sandwich on ciabatta bread. Fantastic. Unfortunately, still lactose intolerant, so I felt sick for the rest of the day. But in my opinion, a few hours of feeling absolutely queasy were worth it. Last night, made spaghetti with meat sauce. Again, fantastic. Well, not fantastic because the pasta was slightly overcooked and the sauce came from a can (that same can from a few posts before), but still good. This evening, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich. FANTASTIC. Granted, it was cheddar cheese instead of my usual colby jack and I didn’t use as much butter as I usually do because it’s so expensive, but wow … I’ve missed that. And now, due to my lack of overcoming lactose intolerance, I will probably be queasy for the rest of the night.

See the attached picture below. Those are potato chips that are lemon tea flavored. Does that sound good, disgusting, or simply interesting to you? I had seen commercials for ’em, so I was fairly intrigued. Bought ’em, tried ’em, and … I would say “tossed ’em” but I’m too cheap for that. They’re just weird, but I will brave through it and finish ’em. I don’t think one’s tastes can really be changed. I might become more accustomed to certain foods, but I’m still going to like what I like. And lemon tea-flavored potato chips will never make it on my list.