expo at night

On October 18, 2010, I braved the Shanghai Expo 2010 for the second (and last) time. I arrived at the park around 5 PM and left at 10 PM since the metro closes around 11 and I was a bit paranoid about missing it. Also because I was exhausted by the end.

Went to a total of five pavilions, two of which (Denmark and UK) because I really wanted to see them, two (Luxembourg and Argentina) because they had no line, and one (Shanghai Corporate) because I was already there. Since I went at night, lines were much shorter than they would have been during the day. Denmark had a 20-minute wait, UK around one hour, and Shanghai Corporate about 20 minutes as well. All in all, I’d have to agree with the majority of people in saying that Expo is overrated. Sure it’s fairly interesting … but not enough to warrant the hassle it requires. The pavilions themselves are the attraction, not what they house. I generally wandered around the Europe section before heading to the Puxi side. Even though I was curious about the Axis of Evil pavilions, I heard they weren’t actually that interesting and decided against trekking way over there.

The below picture is from inside the Denmark pavilion. It was a pretty cool pavilion, but I kept thinking: Wow, this would never fly in the US. It’s basically one giant circular ramp with the statue of the Little Mermaid at the center. I kept picturing a person in a wheelchair getting pushed down. Also, there were some of the most hazardous stairs in that pavilion that were of awkward depth-height ratio and there wasn’t always a railing! UK pavilion was fairly cool, but it was more of an object than a pavilion. Luxembourg and Argentina were pointless and Shanghai Corporate was a fascinating exterior with little thought given to interior. I’ve noticed that my camera has a lot of trouble focusing at night, so most of my pictures are blurry, which is sad. I need a new one … eventually. So that’s the recap for now. I’ll probably tell more later. Cheers.