no halloween here

Today is October 31, 2010. Today is Halloween, but you wouldn’t guess it if you were in Shanghai. Here it’s just like any normal day. Stores aren’t shelling out candy, there aren’t pumpkin decorations all over the place, and I haven’t seen kids scampering about in costume. Yesterday I saw two babies dressed up though, one cow and one pumpkin, but I’m not really counting them. It appears that America’s consumerization of the holiday has not stretched to China, but then again most Chinese people have no clue about Halloween anyway. It’s really kind of sad for me. So no Halloween this year. Too much effort for no reward.

What I have noticed, however, is that Chinese people love rainbow colors. Almost as much as they love fireworks and twinkle lights. Today is also the last day of Shanghai World Expo 2010. So below is a picture from the Shanghai Corporate Pavilion. Unfortunately part of me could not help but think of Albert Speer’s cathedral of light when I saw those searchlights. These lights sometimes moved around so thankfully it didn’t have the same effect, but for part of the time they pointed straight upwards and … yeah.


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