where’s google?

For the last few hours, I can access neither Yahoo nor Google. It’s very, very weird. I managed to access them via proxy, but it’s really inconvenient and still not working very well. GFW, what now? Why have you gotten rid of my beloved Google? I know Yahoo had some problems a bit back and Google has that fairly long-standing dispute with China, but … now? Why? My main work/school e-mail is Gmail, which I cannot access. Everything forwards to this one, my main one (the one I’m typing this from) … but my past e-mails are inaccessible. Very annoying.

Hopefully it’s just some glitch and they’ll come back up. I can’t imagine this is a permanent thing since websites get blocked/unblocked all the time over here, and I really don’t think they could get away with blocking such big sites like Yahoo AND Google. Sure a lot of people use Baidu, but I’m thinking more people use Google.

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