mycenae makes me smile

Been over a week since my last post, mostly because things are getting more hectic. Yay! School is in full swing and oh goodness gracious it’s requiring a lot more input from me than last semester. I have no job, but I’m looking for one. Not too seriously, but it’d be nice to work a few hours a week. I’ve also started to do a language exchange, so hopefully that’ll help my speaking improve. Oh, and I’m going to New York! For graduate school! … Somewhere! Basically there are no firm plans and I’ve managed to decide on the city but not the school. Still waiting for a few replies and all.

Oh, and Shenzhen guy has stopped calling. Yay! Unfortunately I haven’t received any calls from prospective employers either. Sigh … c’est la vie. Below is from Shenzhen’s Window of the World park, and depicts the glory that is the Lion Gate at Mycenae at 1:1 scale. I was completely amazed that they even included it because how many people have ever heard of the Lion Gate? Probably explains why there was no one else there versus the crowds around the Arc de Triomphe. Anyway, I am particularly fond of ancient Greece (architecture, mythology, literature), so yeah … I did a little happy dance when I saw it and kept prancing back and forth through the gate. It was much smaller than I would’ve expected. Still very cool.