strolling in england

China is famed for its counterfeit stuff. DVDs can be bought on the street for 9 RMB (less than 2 USD) a pop … for movies that are still in theaters. So it really shouldn’t surprise me that there’s a neighborhood in Songjiang District, Shanghai, called Thames Town, which is a replica of an English town. But it does. It’s just so weird. I went there two weekends ago and wandered around a bit. Seeing Chinese security guards wearing red English uniforms is just weird. That being said, there wasn’t much to see there and I found it kind of boring.

I’ve been buying lots of stuff lately. Shoes for 39 RMB? It’s hard to turn down. The next month is going to be ridiculously busy between midterms, traveling, and having visitors. Also, this Sunday is Easter, so I’m going to invite some people to my place for brunch. Now I need to figure out what I’m going to make for brunch. Eh, it’ll be fun.


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