a week of 45 celsius

I haven’t posted in quite a long time. And I have a really good reason why. Odd how I always say that, eh? Anyway, if you just peek at the below picture, I think you can guess the reason why I haven’t posted in a while. I went to INDIA. Wow. I can hardly believe that I actually went.

I was there for about a week, and the highlight of the trip was definitely the Taj Mahal. Because … it’s the Taj Mahal, people! Oddly enough, it was smaller than I had envisioned. Still very cool.

It was around 45 C (115 F) the entire week, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Almost every meal was curry, which at the beginning was a bit nauseating, but I really grew to like it, even vegetarian curry (which is pretty big for a Texan carnivore). Plus, butter naan is delicious carb-heavy goodness. When I got back to Shanghai, things felt really weird. I had this jam-packed week-long adventure in India and then came back to routine. Same school, same work, same people, same food. Sigh. It is nice to be back in Shanghai, where things are clean and I have all my stuff, but I kind of miss the excitement and spice of India.



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