little bits of life

So I was just thinking: Lots has happened, and while individually each little thing doesn’t warrant its own post, together I think they do. Here are some of the little things.

My retainer broke, so I’m going to have to get a new one made once I get back to the States. This weekend I’m going to get new glasses (finally). The ones I have are almost three years old and they’re ridiculously scratched up. This evening after work I stopped by a bar near where I live called “I Love Shanghai.” It was ladies’ night so I had a free gin and tonic. I downed it and left … all in less than five minutes. My former boss asked me to do more teaching work, but I politely declined. I’ve been listening to a lot of country music lately. I bought two small mangos from the fruit stand across the street. I’ve been eating A LOT of chocolate. The night before last I made myself some macaroni and cheese and then proceeded to feel really horrible – but it was worth it. The weather’s getting warmer. Recently I’ve been taking taxis to school, and the cost of that is adding up fast. I’ve been planning my trip back home, which is making me kind of homesick.

Whew, that was interesting, eh? The below picture is a ceiling detail from Agra Fort … a fort in Agra, India.


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