no work! weird fruit!

Today was my last day of work. Yay! It was also my first final. Boo! The person who handles payroll wasn’t here today, so I’ll probably have to go back tomorrow to check in with her. If she’s not there tomorrow, then I’ll have to go in on Monday. And then … that’s kind of pushing it. I don’t have much time left over here!

As for the final this morning, I’d rather forget about it. It was horrible. Wow. So bad. No matter, I got three more to go. Last night I made a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese because unhealthy American food is my kind of study food. I only ate part of it last night, so I just finished the rest off. It was delicious. But now I feel like my stomach is simultaneously gnawing at itself while verging on explosion. It’s very annoying and kind of painful. It’s a love-hate relationship.

Before the cheesy goodness was some lovely weird fruit. They’re called mangosteens. And they’re very, very weird. When I type “mangosteens” I get the red squiggle line underneath because my computer thinks it’s a typo – but it’s not. The shell is pretty thick and a bit hard, but the inside white stuff is really good. Really sweet and yummy. My friend had given them to me … without actually knowing what they were. Ha. We’re great friends.


coming to an end

I have taken my last malaria pill. When I went to India I took malaria medication as a preventative measure, but the kind I took was doxycycline, which you have to continue taking a month after you return. Anyway … no more pills for me. It’s kind of weird, because I got so used to taking them that I’ve started drinking a cup of water in the mornings.

Work is ending really soon. School is ending soon. My stay in China is ending soon-ish. Time to get ready for my next adventure!


rainy with a chance of veggie sausage

Shanghai’s been rainy. As in, it’s rained every single day for the past week. And it’s getting to be quite annoying. Not only are both of my umbrellas broken (still usable, but kind of lop-sided now), but it’s nasty splashing around in these dirty puddles. Plus, my morning commute to school is RIDICULOUS. This entire week I haven’t made it to class on time. Trying to get a taxi when it’s raining tries my patience like nothing else. If I don’t go the taxi route, the bus ride is about 20 minutes longer than normal and then I still have to walk across campus in the rain. I try to give myself extra time, but on a normal day I have to wake up around 6:30 AM, so … I can’t bring myself to wake up much earlier than that.

In other news, work is busy. My birthday is coming soon. Last night I went to a vegetarian restaurant. Wait, what? Me, who can’t go for a meal without meat, went where? Yep. My Chinese friend insisted I try this one restaurant called 早吃素, which literally translates to “Early Eat Vegetarian” but it’s English name is “Vegetarian Lifestyle.” You know how Chinese people are good at faking things? They’re pretty good at faking meat too. Below is a picture of vegetarian sausage, that really looked and tasted like normal sausage. Kind of wild. Good too.


jing’an temple – finally

Yes, I just posted yesterday. But today was rather special, so I thought I’d go ahead and post again. This morning I received some clothes I had ordered online and was pretty happy with it all. For lunch, I went to Yang’s Fry Dumplings and had their shengjianbao. Yum. Didn’t take any pictures though because I was with a friend and I thought it would’ve been rude. Anyway … afterwards I went to the Jing’an Temple. I FINALLY WENT! The temple is right next to the metro station, the one I go to at least twice a week, and is less than ten minutes from where I live, but this is the first time I’ve stepped foot in the temple. I can’t believe it took me a year to see it. It was nice … like all the other temples in China.

Why was this day special? Because I got to cross two things off my Shanghai bucket list! The restaurant and temple had been on it for the longest time. The picture below is from the Jing’an Temple. The area around the temple is very modern, like the mall in the picture’s background. The colors didn’t come out too good because of the lighting, so I just stripped the image of color and added some sepia. Not something I’d normally do, but hey, today’s special, remember?


one-year anniversary

Today is June 11, 2011. On June 11, 2010, I arrived in Shanghai. I’ve been here an entire year – woot! In celebration I stayed at home and did absolutely nothing … kind of like my usual Saturday. This past Monday was the Dragonboat Festival (which is why I didn’t have class) and for the holiday people eat zongzi. I still have a number of zongzi in my fridge and freezer, so I’m slowly working my way through them.

They’re basically these things made of sticky rice, with pork inside, and wrapped in a leaf. My mother used to make them, but she hasn’t for a long time because it’s such a hassle if you’re not making a lot. The below picture is of a zongzi that my aunt had made. Yummy.


rainy starts

It’s rained for the past few days, which is kind of nice in that it has been keeping the temperatures down. It’s still warm, but thankfully not stifling hot like it probably will be in the next week or two. Earlier today I went to Yuyuan Garden and walked around. Nothing terribly special, but it was still a good while. It rained the entire time, which is probably why the place wasn’t ridiculously crowded, but it also meant that I had to walk around holding an umbrella and my feet got really nasty because I was wearing sandals.

I feel like time is moving a bit faster these days. The end of my stay in China is getting closer and closer and it’s kind of nerve-wracking. This Saturday will be my one-year anniversary of being in Shanghai and I can hardly believe it. One year in Shanghai. Wow. I’m kind of proud of myself for that. I’m excited to go home, but I really have gotten used to living here and there will be quite a few things I’ll miss. Days like today, just wandering around a rock and water garden, splashing around in the rain … that’s the kind of thing I’ll miss.