rainy starts

It’s rained for the past few days, which is kind of nice in that it has been keeping the temperatures down. It’s still warm, but thankfully not stifling hot like it probably will be in the next week or two. Earlier today I went to Yuyuan Garden and walked around. Nothing terribly special, but it was still a good while. It rained the entire time, which is probably why the place wasn’t ridiculously crowded, but it also meant that I had to walk around holding an umbrella and my feet got really nasty because I was wearing sandals.

I feel like time is moving a bit faster these days. The end of my stay in China is getting closer and closer and it’s kind of nerve-wracking. This Saturday will be my one-year anniversary of being in Shanghai and I can hardly believe it. One year in Shanghai. Wow. I’m kind of proud of myself for that. I’m excited to go home, but I really have gotten used to living here and there will be quite a few things I’ll miss. Days like today, just wandering around a rock and water garden, splashing around in the rain … that’s the kind of thing I’ll miss.


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