rainy with a chance of veggie sausage

Shanghai’s been rainy. As in, it’s rained every single day for the past week. And it’s getting to be quite annoying. Not only are both of my umbrellas broken (still usable, but kind of lop-sided now), but it’s nasty splashing around in these dirty puddles. Plus, my morning commute to school is RIDICULOUS. This entire week I haven’t made it to class on time. Trying to get a taxi when it’s raining tries my patience like nothing else. If I don’t go the taxi route, the bus ride is about 20 minutes longer than normal and then I still have to walk across campus in the rain. I try to give myself extra time, but on a normal day I have to wake up around 6:30 AM, so … I can’t bring myself to wake up much earlier than that.

In other news, work is busy. My birthday is coming soon. Last night I went to a vegetarian restaurant. Wait, what? Me, who can’t go for a meal without meat, went where? Yep. My Chinese friend insisted I try this one restaurant called 早吃素, which literally translates to “Early Eat Vegetarian” but it’s English name is “Vegetarian Lifestyle.” You know how Chinese people are good at faking things? They’re pretty good at faking meat too. Below is a picture of vegetarian sausage, that really looked and tasted like normal sausage. Kind of wild. Good too.