slowly exploring

There’s so much to see in this town and so far I haven’t gotten very far. After all, it took me until the end of my time in Shanghai to actually see the Pearl Tower and the other big Shanghai sights. I actually have yet to ride the subway here (it’s expensive!), which kind of explains why I’ve only really explored my neighborhood. What would explain that more is the fact that I’m lazy. I have walked around Central Park though, so that’s an accomplishment. The Upper West Side has some nice architecture, and I love the grid system because it’s so much easier to find my way.

I’m also very slowly going through my pictures from China, and I hope to be able to share them and print some within the next week. And I just registered for classes, but I might end up switching some of them. Still have a while before classes begin. All in all, things are good, but our landlord still hasn’t told us where to send the rent checks … which is kind of weird, right?


i’m back! (sort of)

My last real post on this blog was over a year ago. Whups. Anyway, I’m back from my adventure in China and I’m settling into college life again, only this time it’s graduate school and it’s New York now. What a change, eh? Unfortunately I couldn’t bring much stuff, so my crafting stuff is rather minimal at the moment. And by minimal, I mean bare minimum. Yikes. I’m going to have to seriously restrain myself from going on a shopping spree at Michaels to replenish my craft stash.

110828 01 supplies

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

new york, new york

So good you have to say it twice. I’ve pretty much settled into my new apartment, and part of me is really giddy and cannot believe that I’m actually living in New York. And then the other part of me is like, whatever, you lived in China last year, New York’s no big. But still … it’s New York. I like the neighborhood, and the apartment’s actually not too small. The only really big downside is the fact that everything is ridiculously expensive, even more so because part of me still thinks in RMB (Chinese currency). Oh, and I live in a walk-up which is oh so fun. I’ve already fallen down the stairs twice, and I have a skinned knee to prove it.


ah, chinese people

Some Chinese people in the US act the same as the Chinese people in China. Which can be extremely annoying, especially when you’re trying to watch a movie but the Chinese lady next to you is chomping away on some crunchy, smelly snack in a very crinkly bag. Movie theaters in China tend to be more noisy with people talking, eating, and talking on the phone without too much regard for the moviegoer who’s actually really into the movie. But … this ain’t China.

No one sleeps outside here though, probably because they realize that sleeping in public places is not very safe and considered pretty weird here. Very unlike China, where you frequently stumble upon random people napping on planter edges or at their desks after lunch. Or even at the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) in Beijing. I went to see the Olympic buildings for the architecture, but apparently some view the stadium seating as prime nap potential.


the end … ish?

I am no longer in Shanghai. I am no longer in China. After my last post I did some traveling around China, and it was amazing. Shanghai isn’t really a tourist place, but it’s a nice place to live. Beijing, however, has so much of Chinese history stuffed into it, from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City to the Summer Palace. And the Olympic buildings? Amazing. Xi’an, similarly, has the Terracotta Warriors. And then Zhangjiajie has the nature that I had been sorely deprived of in Shanghai.

It’s kind of weird to be back in the good ol’ United States. But it’s the beginning of a new adventure. So – what’s going to happen to this blog? Eh, not quite sure. I think I’ll keep it active and just switch it to focus on New York instead of Shanghai. I’m going to reactivate my old blog squareby’s corner and just keep the topics separate with this one being more of travel and life and the other more of crafting.

[NOTE: Well … that didn’t last to long. Squareby’s Corner merged with From Here to (There), because frankly … there ain’t much crafting that gets done these days.]

Sigh. So much left to do. I like the quiet and space here, but I miss the availability of everything in China. The convenience stores open 24/7 that are on every block, the fruit stands with amazing variety that are on every block, the little food stalls with dumplings and noodles that are on every block, et cetera. In Xi’an one of their specialties is a type of noodle called “biang biang mian.” I don’t know if it can really be considered a noodle, because it’s almost like a flattened and elongated dumpling (the American kind that’s basically just flour) so it’s kind of chewy. It was good, but I think I was a little turned off because there were some tomatoes with the noodles and I really dislike cooked tomatoes.