slowly exploring

There’s so much to see in this town and so far I haven’t gotten very far. After all, it took me until the end of my time in Shanghai to actually see the Pearl Tower and the other big Shanghai sights. I actually have yet to ride the subway here (it’s expensive!), which kind of explains why I’ve only really explored my neighborhood. What would explain that more is the fact that I’m lazy. I have walked around Central Park though, so that’s an accomplishment. The Upper West Side has some nice architecture, and I love the grid system because it’s so much easier to find my way.

I’m also very slowly going through my pictures from China, and I hope to be able to share them and print some within the next week. And I just registered for classes, but I might end up switching some of them. Still have a while before classes begin. All in all, things are good, but our landlord still hasn’t told us where to send the rent checks … which is kind of weird, right?



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