why is a raven like a writing desk?

First day of school – over and done. Not too exciting. What was fun was a few days ago. I walked all around Central Park and I probably only saw a small fraction of what’s there. Somehow my experience of New York so far has not matched up to my expectations … in a good way. People here are pretty nice, there’s actually a lot of space, and streets are fairly clean. I guess after having experienced Shanghai, my expectations were lowered.

The subway system isn’t as nice as Shanghai’s, but in some ways it’s better because there weren’t any people touching me. The subways here are clean, but in a “we scrubbed this entire place down with bleach, so it ain’t getting any better than this” way rather than a “spic-and-span new” kind of clean. Still, it was fine. What was annoying was all the noise and all the jolting. Good gracious, I started getting nauseous.


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