april showers

There’s the old saying that April shower bring May flowers … goodness gracious I hope that’s true. It’s been raining ALL DAY today and it’s quite annoying. I was extremely low on groceries so I forced myself to trek out there. Ugh. It’s very awkward carrying groceries while holding an umbrella. But now I have food in the fridge and I’m all cuddled up in my pajamas, so all’s well that ends well.


This is a sculpture in Times Square that I visited a few weeks ago. It’s called “Soñando New York (Dreaming New York)” and is by Pablo Atchugarry. It was hand-carved from a single block of marble – amazing, eh? It was a nice piece, but I think I would have liked it much better if it was in the space of a museum or gallery. I’m not too fond of when they put sculptures in Times Square because most pieces just get overwhelmed by the surroundings, and it always makes me sad to see so many people just walking by a piece without appreciating its art. I need to make a point to trek back down to the Chelsea galleries one of these days. The New Museum and Whitney are still on my list as well. Sigh. I might try to make a day of it for this Friday … if I can squeeze in the time.

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