danger danger … déjà vu

Remember last year … just about now? I had just moved into my new apartment and whaddaya know, New York had a hurricane AND earthquake. Being from Texas, I’m used to hurricanes coming around, but the earthquake was trippy. It was my first earthquake (however slight it was) and it was pretty unusual for New York as well. Today, THERE WERE TORNADOES. IN NEW YORK. TRIPPY.

The tornadoes touched down in Queens and Brooklyn, which means I’d be safe in my new apartment – right? Except today of all days I went to Queens. Whups. The weather was nice in the morning when I ran some errands. As I was getting on the subway, it seemed like it was sprinkling a bit but nothing major. Thankfully I had my umbrella with me, because as I exited the subway in Queens, I was greeted with a torrential downpour and emergency text messages on my phone telling me to seek shelter! Um … right.


I didn’t see the tornado, so I still have not seen a tornado in my life despite having lived in some tornado-prone states. Eh, probably for the best that I have never seen any funnel clouds barreling towards me. Maybe there’ll be a blizzard this winter and I can add one more natural disaster to my list of experiences. I think the lesson here is that I really should check the weather.

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