libraries are scary

I’m not a big fan of libraries. I just don’t like the smell or feel of musty dusty books. Don’t get me wrong though, because libraries are amazing places. Why should you buy books when you can have access to them for free? However, not all libraries are created equal. And the stacks are always the worst part of any library.


The C. V. Starr Library is great in terms of its content and I go there quite often, but I have to spend most of my time below ground where the stacks (and majority of books) are … and it’s not a very happy place. The ceilings are low, not all the lights work, and I’m always afraid I’m going to drop something down to the floor below, get my foot stuck in one of the openings, or take a tumble down the stairs in some of the aisles. Sigh. Those stacks always make me so anxious!


2 thoughts on “libraries are scary

    • Ah indeed, but to check things out, you have to find ’em first. And that’s supposing that what you want isn’t on reserve, isn’t a periodical, and isn’t in a non-circulating library like the Avery architecture library … the main library I use.

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