art, how sweet it is

This piece of candy is art. Or rather, the pile it came from was art. Currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an exhibition called “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years.” It’s quite an interesting premise for an exhibit, where work from both Warhol and those inspired by Warhol are all mixed together. Major downside? The exhibit was packed. Packed to the point where everyone was pushing, it was hard to see some of the artwork, and the guards kept yelling at people to keep moving, step away from the art, not take photos, et cetera … kind of ruined the experience for me.


The pile of candy is an untitled piece by the late Félix González-Torres. It’s just a pile of multicolored wrapped candies in the corner of a room, and everyone can take one (I obviously took a green piece). It’s one of those things where you’re like: Are you sure that’s art? Is it still ‘by’ González-Torres even though he wasn’t the one who threw the candy on the floor? If I stashed a pile of candy in the corner of my room, do I need to cite him? Does that make me an artist?

I’d seen the candy pile in catalogues before, and it always provoked an eye roll from me. But it’s actually kind of fascinating to see the circulation pattern form around the pile as people crowd in, slow their pace, curve around the pile, stoop down, and select just that one … and occasionally cause a little cascade. Or maybe I just look favorably upon anything that gives me sugar. Eh.