quality time underground

For all that I complain about the subway, I like it and I don’t think I could do without it. It’s actually quite calming to sit down on the subway (if you’re lucky enough to get a seat) and just zone out and sway and get jerked around and get lulled by the rattling and screeching. When I first moved to New York from Shanghai I felt nauseous riding the subway because of its violent shifts and loud, constant noise. But now I find it oddly soothing and comforting.

But … today I spent WAY too much time underground. I also did a heck of a lot of walking across Manhattan. I crossed the park twice, walked around it once, took the 1 train (3 times), 2, N, B, 6, and S. Oh, and the N/Q/R stopped running after 10, so I had to make a detour. And due to a ‘police investigation’ (code for: suicide/death by train), the 2/3 was ‘delayed’ (code for: we have no idea when the next train is going to come) so I had to make another detour.

The picture below is from back when the weather was still nice and cheery in September. It’s MUCH warmer than it was last week, but definitely pretty dreary out there. There’s been this harsh frigid wind that almost knocked me down while I was crossing the street this morning and it’s definitely unpleasant to walk around in. But hey, it’s nice and warm underground.



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