sunday at the moma

Sunday morning I went to campus. Given that I graduated a few weeks ago, I still spend an awful lot of time on campus. I like working there, but I’ve also been planning an upcoming workshop with some other people and it’s easiest for us all to meet on campus. So … I did some work uptown Sunday morning and I was meeting some people downtown Sunday evening, meaning that I had the afternoon to kill and didn’t want to waste it by going all the way home just to come back. Therefore, I did the only logical thing someone in my position would – I went to MoMA. Woot.

130613 a

“Mouse Museum” and “Ray Gun Wing” (1972-1977) by Claes Oldenburg. Going up the main flight of stairs brings you to the open platform where there are these two large black structures (one which is sorta shaped like a mouse head and the other sorta like a ray gun). You step inside and voila … a whole bunch of random crap.  I suppose ‘crap’ is too harsh of a word, but it’s a bunch of knick-knacks and tchotchkes and little toys and plastic things and a whole lotta what-nots and doodads and other various found objects. Eh. I liked Oldenburg’s soft sculptures of food on the 6th floor far better than these weird collections.

130613 b

“New Shelton Wet/Dry Doubledecker” (1981) by Jeff Koons. Oh Koons … every time I come to MoMA and see this ‘sculpture’ I can’t help but shake my head. To me, taking two vacuum cleaners, putting them in plexi boxes, and under-lighting them with fluorescents is not art. Apparently MoMA disagrees.

130613 c

“Basic House” (1999) by Martín Ruiz de Azúa. This was actually pretty cool. In the design section tucked away in the corner is this inflatable structure that’s supposed to be used as a homeless shelter. I don’t know about that … it’s more likely to be used by some hipster camping out urban-style than by an actual homeless person (who probably wouldn’t appreciate the attention a giant space age-y bubble would bring), but it’s a cool concept nonetheless. Made out of polyester, it’s an ultra-portable, ultra-lightweight structure that can get blown up by the air from sidewalk grilles and then folded up teeny tiny.

130613 d

And … as I walked down the street after leaving the museum, I noticed a crowd of people near Radio City and a whole lotta cops. What’s going on? Oh, it’s the Tony Awards. Oh. Okay. Whatever, just another day in New York. Nice way to spend an afternoon especially since I get into MoMA for free – heck yeah!

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