morning, shanghai!

Ah … Great Firewall of China – I once again succumb to your pressures! I’m in China (yay!) but I stupidly forgot to set up my VPN before leaving New York and now I’m having oodles of fun trying to set it up in-country. It’ll only be for a bit longer, and even though Gmail lags like no other, at least I still have e-mail. Facebook and WordPress? Not so much. I’m sending this post via e-mail, which is simply cumbersome. This is just a short trip to China so I’ll be back in New York before Independence Day.

But hey, it’s 6 in the morning and I’m awake – when’s the last time that happened? Unfortunately the sky is so hazy it’s hard to make out the sun ….


One thought on “morning, shanghai!

  1. since you’re in shanghai you should go to ‘the grandma’s’ cheap and delicious food, huge ammount, I remember last year my husband and I went there and ate many dishes including amazing sweet and sour crispy pork for just 16 yuan. you cannot use google, and probably as gwai you might not know how to baidu so I give you adress:
    Rm. 701, 818 Plaza, 818 Nanjing Xi Lu
    南京西路818号818广场701室 near Shimen Yi Lu in shopping mall :) but don’t go during lunch time, it’s always full but waiting time on weekends or lunch time is way too long :) have fun in Shanghai :)

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