raffles city beijing

There are a hell of a lot of malls in China. I grew up in suburban America, so I of course have fond memories of going to the mall on the weekend. Because there’s really not much to do in suburban American on the weekend other than go shopping, eat, or watch a movie – all of which were conveniently located at the local mall. Nowadays the (American) mall has basically died out. In China, they’re alive and well … although a bit anemic.

That’s what happens when there are a million malls within spitting distance of each other, and all of them carry just about the same things, and all of them are more expensive than your average local can afford to shop at. They’re really all about the same. Basically, they’re massive, shiny, and always sorta empty. It really doesn’t make any sense why they keep getting built, because they don’t seem very profitable. It’s also really freakin’ easy to get turned around in one of them and I hate how they’re designed, although many of them are quite pretty.


This is an interior shot of Raffles City Beijing. There’s another Raffles City in Shanghai. And … a few other cities. Because why stop at one, right? I’m not really sure what to make of the angular glass blob that kind of grew off of the floors into the open space. Probably they were just trying to add a bit of excitement into the plan of it so there could be some sort of connecting vertical element instead of just level upon level of the same, but no. Totes odd.  Oh, and without a doubt, if it’s a Chinese mall, there is either a Costa, Starbucks, or Coffee Bean. Even though a lot of Chinese people don’t drink coffee.

2 thoughts on “raffles city beijing

    • Asia has such rich culture and I love being here, but malls are becoming more and more commonplace (at least in the big cities). And trust me, if you’re looking for a clean bathroom … your best bet is McDonald’s or an expensive-looking mall.

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