so-called tex-mex

I am by no means an authority on Tex-Mex. I can’t really cook, but I can make pretty good enchiladas, quesadillas, and tacos ’cause they’re easy. (Although according to my friends, mashed potatoes do not belong anywhere near a tortilla. I disagree.) Being from Texas, I take my Mexican, er … Tex-Mex, seriously. Yeah yeah, I know there’s a GIGANTIC difference between real Mexican and Tex-Mex, but in Texas we just call it Mexican food and usually assume everyone knows that we’re actually referring to Tex-Mex. It’s like how the French don’t say French fries.


Anyhow, for dinner I went to Cantina Agave on Fumin Road here in Shanghai. It’s a pretty famous Mexican restaurant in Shanghai … famous because it’s one of the few Mexican restaurants here and it’s been around for a few years. My opinion: It’s decent. Eh. Didn’t really hit the spot. I found the flavors quite bland. Maybe it’s because the burrito I had was kind of dry, the tortilla was definitely not fresh, the nachos didn’t have the right crunch, and the guac/salsa/beans/rice were simply lacking in lemon/spice/whatever. Sigh. Overall, it was okay, just not that yummy. Maybe I have too high of standards? I feel like I could have done better myself. My friend liked the food, but she’s Chinese and it was her first time trying Mexican food. So really, her opinion doesn’t count. Not to say I don’t value her opinion, but it’s like asking a person from Maine the best way to prepare barbecue … he/she really doesn’t get a say.

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