every breath you take

On December 6, 2014, the PM2.5 in Shanghai went “beyond index” … which is scary speak for WOAH WE DIDN’T REALIZE IT COULD GET THIS BAD. Sigh. They say it feels like life is longer in cities like Shanghai because everything moves so fast and there’s always something happening or new to do. But … that gets canceled out by the crappy air that’s slowly killing us and drives us into our air-purified apartments.


Since then there have been a few other days of “I really should start wearing an air mask,” but for the most part the air quality is much better (meaning that we’ve been staying in the Moderate to Unhealthy range). But when I was here a few years back, most people never even thought about air quality because Shanghai’s air was always fairly decent, especially in comparison to Beijing’s. It’s actually quite frightening.

You know that song “Every Breath You Take” by The Police? Good song. Well, here’s the Shanghai version (keeping in mind that I have no sense of rhythm):

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every day in China
Every step outside
You die a little

Oh can’t you see?
Oh wait no you can’t
It’s a blank white sky
That definitely isn’t fog

But how I still love Shanghai! Sigh. Despite the air problems, I’m here and loving it. Maybe not as much now that I’m worried about developing asthma, but China’s still the place to be. For me, for now. A donation to cover my future respiratory medical bills would be appreciated. Thanks.