every flavor known/unknown to man


Chinese people have some weird different tastes. Buying potato chips in China can be a minefield. There are some really odd flavors out there. Sure you can buy the imported versions that offer ‘normal’ flavors, but who’s going to pay that much just for junk food?

My recommendation? Stick with the original, a.k.a. American Classic. And at all costs avoid the ‘refreshing’ flavors like Cucumber. I know some expats who like ’em, but to me they’re just … wrong. Tomato flavor? Icks.¬†Lemon Tea flavor? Absolutely disgusting. Some things should not be potato chips. Especially healthy foods – their flavors don’t belong on heart-clogging goodness. Who wants to eat potato chips that taste vaguely like cucumbers? Apparently quite a few people. The mind boggles. The meat ones (Italian Red Meat, Barbecue, et cetera) are decent enough, but only in a pinch. I saw a Cheese Lobster flavor once, but I was too chicken to try it and haven’t seen it since. Sometimes I can find Sour Cream and Onion, but what I would kill for Cheddar and Sour Cream ….

Photo is from Wal-Mart, on the edge of Shanghai. Ah, craziness.