pineapple cakes (from taiwan)

Pineapple cakes (鳳梨酥/凤梨酥 in traditional/simplified Chinese) are delicious. As in: absolutely mind-boggling delicious. It’s the delicate, refined kind of delicious that you savor, and never have more than one of at a time. Ah, so good. I’ve certainly had pineapple cakes before, but I humbly admit that while those cakes were good, the ones actually from Taiwan are absolute heaven.


Taiwan is known for their pineapple cakes – it’s one of their specialties, and probably the single thing that people expect someone who travels to Taiwan to buy. So good. Crumbly at the touch, so soft and gooey with just enough denseness. The right amounts of moistness and sweetness, perfect balance of pastry and jam, oh my! Note to self: must travel to Taiwan.