rice wine soup


This is … uh … 酒酿 (jiǔniàng). People call it all sorts of things in English, but I go with ‘rice wine soup.’ Although it might sound disgusting, it’s really not. It’s basically rice wine with the rice still in there. So yes, there is some alcohol content, but it’s not like you’re going to get drunk off of it. It’s a nice sweet soup for breakfast or an afternoon snack. As a child I didn’t like it (due to the taste of alcohol), and I rarely have it these days, but I do enjoy it.

My mother just calls it ‘rice wine,’ and I remember the first time I heard her mention it I was like …you’re making wine in the kitchen? You’re going to feed me wine? When I’m eight years old!? Obviously my mother wasn’t giving me the hard stuff that gets old Chinese guys drunk, but for the sake of keeping DFPS at bay, I prefer to differentiate between ‘rice wine’ and ‘rice wine soup.’