the danger of sample sales … to your wallet

Do I need a bracelet? No.
Do I need a dress? No.
Do I need a ring? No.
Did I get them anyway? Yes.


One thing I love about New York is all the sample sales. You think a normal sale is a good deal? A sample sale is an amazing deal. But since these are often high-end brands, an amazing deal can still be somewhat expensive.

Last month a friend dragged me to a House of Harlow 1960 sample sale, and I ended up purchasing a pair of earrings, a ring, and a bracelet. Last week, I was almost late for brunch because I happened to pass by a Pinkyotto sample sale in SoHo and bought a dress for $55 (a great price in my opinion). Then a few days ago, I went to a Joomi Lim sample sale and walked out ten minutes later with a ring and my wallet $50 lighter. Sigh. I really shouldn’t have spent 50 dollars on a ring. It’s really quite ridiculous. It was less than half of retail, but I keep beating myself up for it because I’m supposed to be saving money – heck, I’ve even been bringing my lunch to work! But oy, I love jewelry! And I love unique pieces. And every time I look at the ring, I think it was worth it.


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