about me

Howdy there! I am a 20-something Texan and former architect living in New York, where I now work in marketing. Up until last year I was based in Shanghai as curator for an art gallery that specializes in contemporary Chinese art, and am in the process of readjusting to life in the US and life in the Big Apple. This blog documents my adventures through architecture, art, culture, food, traveling, and whatever else I feel like talking/ranting about!

I named this blog “from here to (there)” because it takes place here, there, somewhere, everywhere, and no where. I started this in 2010 when I was living in Shanghai after graduating from college and was kinda homesick. I found myself missing the English language so much that I would talk to myself out loud, basically narrating my life wherever I went. That got weird. Then I went to New York to study architectural theory and had a ball of a time. Since then, I’ve bounced to Shanghai and back! Woot!

A precursor to this blog and a separate craft blog I kept have been folded into this one, hence why posts date back to 2009 even though I didn’t start this blog until 2010. All content and photography that appears on this website (miesby.wordpress.com) is copyright © 2009-2016 BBY, unless otherwise stated.

If you have any questions or comments or are interested in any of my work, you can contact me at squareby@gmail.com. Thanks!


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