Because sometimes a girl just gots to vent. So here’s a list of things that annoy me so far.

  • Tourists need to leave. Or there should be a pamphlet that is handed out to all people of a touristy nature, to educate them about the way the city of New York functions. People stopping in the middle of a street to take a picture of a cathedral that I walk by everyday … that just messes up my rhythm. For that reason, Times Square is basically my version of hell. I’m sure you can walk faster than that, really, please do. Yes, New York is a big city and it’s pretty cool, but the coolness of New York is not found in Times Square. That place isn’t that impressive – why are you all there?
  • Some people cannot take a hint. If a guy calls a girl and the girl doesn’t like him, she’ll often drop hints. Maybe there’s a culture difference here, because none of my hints (telling him I’m too busy to talk, ignoring multiple calls, et cetera) seem to get through. Seriously though, why is a married guy with a kid calling ME? Ew. (Update: It took him a month, but he got the hint!) In a completely unrelated matter, I had coffee with a Chinese girl for a language exchange, and we were there for a long time. I kept saying how late it was getting, how I still had homework to do, how I really should get going soon, et cetera. But she WOULD NOT LET ME LEAVE and kept asking me things. Five hours in a coffee shop just talking is beyond overkill for me. Lesson: I need to be less nice and more assertive … like a Shanghainese middle-aged woman.
  • Everything has a line. Going to register for classes took me three and a half hours and three of those hours were spent waiting in line. There were people all along the side of the school … waiting in line. We were in a concrete courtyard under the blazing hot sun with no shade … waiting in line. Some guy took chairs out of a classroom and set them outside so we could sit … waiting in line. Ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on the Expo. Who the heck would wait 8 hours to see a pavilion? Not me, but plenty of others. Oh, and here everyone says “queuing” which bugs me to pieces. Standing in a queue? Oh please. Saying it like a Brit doesn’t make it any more pleasant.
  • Invasion of my bubble. I like my space. Texas has a lot of space. Shanghai does not have a lot of space. But does that really entitle you to invade my bubble to the degree that you do? If we’re waiting in line, do you think that if you push and shove me enough, I’ll just go away? No. So please, respect the bubble. That means that if you’re speaking to me, three inches between us is not enough. If I scoot back, please don’t lean further in.
  • Umbrellas, oh my. Shanghainese people tend to be a bit vain. There are a lot of commercials on the television for whitening creams. Sure whatever, cultural difference. But people on the street carry umbrellas to block the sun so they don’t get darker. Okay sure, fine. But this is Shanghai. There are a lot of people in a small amount of space, so when about half of them are carrying umbrellas … ARGH. Some people are nice and raise their umbrellas for others (especially those with umbrellas) to pass. But some don’t, which leads to collisions, namely their umbrella edge and my head.

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