foggy morning

Night has become day, day has become … more day. No time for sleep. Late nights on campus, early morning departures, and late morning returns. This morning at 6 AM, campus looked downright spooky. Fog. My mind feels foggy as well. Sigh … after Monday, all will be well.


studio chicken

I have come to the conclusion that late nights in architecture studio is like a game of chicken. Who can last the longest? Who can endure the pain? You watch people pack up their laptops, wind up the long white charger cords, and tuck their headphones away in pockets. And internally, you smirk. Part of you envies them, as they wipe their eyes and stretch their arms and talk of going home and the softness of their beds that await them there. Yet as much as you truly envy them, you imagine them envying you more. As they pass by your work station, bags slung across weary shoulders and various empty soda cans and takeout containers in hand, they glance over at you. Their looks attempt to convey a sense of sympathy, but you interpret them as saying: “Ah! If only I could be that strong!” And at that point, despite the kink in your neck, the bleariness in your eyes, and the weight in your typing fingers, a sense of victory surges within you. For as the clock strikes three in the morning, you have won the game of studio chicken.


finals. nor’easter. sigh.

Tonight is going to be an all-nighter. Sigh. It’s that time of the year when massive amounts of caffeine and sugar get ingested and I seclude myself in my room and my room turns into an absolute mess. Oh yes, it’s finals time. No exams of course, just papers. And a presentation tomorrow … er, in nine hours. I kind of feel disgusting right now. A few days ago the weather was really warm, then cold, then kind of nice. Today my room once again turned into a sauna, because outside it’s cold and rainy and the heater (which I cannot control) only has two options: off or full blast. Apparently there’s this thing called the “Nor’easter storm” which is a type of storm that affects this area, which is causing the frigid rain outside and thus this tropical ecosystem in my room. Sigh.

Last month when I went to Boston over spring break, I visited the New England Aquarium. The jellyfish were so pretty. And so peaceful-looking. And definitely not dying of stress or heat. Sigh.


what do you do at 3 am?

The below picture was taken at approximately 3:30 AM. Ah, yes. I baked cookies at an absurdly late hour. My sleep schedule is once again topsy-turvy because I managed to turn off all of my alarm clocks and not wake up until 6 PM, which left me wide awake at 3 AM. This happens way more often than it should. So what does any normal person do at 3 AM? Well, I for one decided to be productive, so I washed dishes, did laundry, and made cookies. Go me.


cinnamon swirl bread success

Woot! I finally got around to making bread in the bread machine AND remembering to take pictures. I got a Cuisinart bread machine when I first moved to New York and I’ve been making the cinnamon swirl bread that’s in their recipe book. Pretty yummy.

111007 01 bread

I’ve been making the 1.5-pound loaves, and it basically fills up the entire thing, so I don’t know how this thing is supposed to make a 2-pound loaf (although it’s an option). It’s just so easy, I love it. Back in Texas when I made bread by hand I always had trouble getting it to rise correctly, but never once had a problem here. I have a jar of yeast and a whole thing of vital wheat gluten, but goodness gracious flour goes fast.

111007 02 sliced

This time the swirls came out better than the last time, but since we don’t have a rolling pin, it’s not too perfect. Plus, more cinnamon sugar would be better because … there should always be more cinnamon sugar.

111007 03 breakfast

I made the bread as a procrastination tool while writing a paper. And whaddaya know? It makes a great breakfast paired with coffee after an all-nighter! Woot! This slice was further down into the loaf so the swirls are way different. Must had “rolling pin” to the list of stuff to buy.

More bread needs to be made though, because two days after getting baked, it’s almost gone. Sadness. On the other hand, the paper got done and even though it wasn’t the best, it got done. Now I just need to get going and start all my other assignments.

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]