brunching and the swing of things

For some reason I’ve let this blog just slide on by. Sadness. So now that I’ve been in New York over a year, am busy as heck with work but otherwise fairly settled, and it’s SUMMER again, here’s to getting back into the swing of things with a nice, simple, easy post on one of my favorite topicsfood. And not just any food, but brunch food.

Before moving to New York I always associated ‘brunch’ with ‘after-church Sunday brunch’ or ‘late breakfast brunch’, but in New York, brunch is something altogether different. It’s typically an hours-long meal with friends that implies, a) it’s the weekend, b) you woke up when the sun is already high in the sky, and c) there’s day drinking involved. Granted, alcohol isn’t required for a successful brunch, but at Vynl, one of my go-to brunch spots (due in part to not being overly crowded, having solidly good food, and being within walking distance to my house), I highly recommend their frozen mimosas. Yum. I’ve heard Vynl has a good happy hour as well, but I’ve only ever been for brunch, so to me, Vynl is a solid brunch place.

Last weekend I went to Vynl with my roommates for brunch. They went to the gym beforehand, while I slept in and met them later. Despite having just worked out, they ordered the chicken and waffles, and the chicken chilaquiles, and I, who has never been particularly health-conscious, ordered the biscuits and gravy (pictured). Oh so yum. Isn’t it amazing how good food makes you so easily forget your diet? Not me (because I’m not a dieter), but I find it such a sight when girls in workout gear are chowing down … I guess it balances out?

756 Ninth Avenue
(between West 50th and 51st Streets)
Hell’s Kitchen, New York, NY

mexican-ish brunch

I love me a good brunch. Ever since I lived in New York, I adore weekend brunches. It’s like breakfast, but punchier. It’s just one of those things you do. Anyhow, the other day I went to Mayita with friends (my first time there), and it was a pretty nice brunch spot. A bit fancy for my personal preference, but the food was good and very well plated.

140819 a

140819 b

Oh, and the churros? Fried dough with sugar? Definitely count me in! The funniest thing was that the churros were listed on the menu as 墨西哥油条 (Mexican youtiao). And for anyone who’s had youtiao, while those are also fried dough, they’re soooooo not the same thing.

6/F, 98 Shouning Road
Huangpu District, Shanghai
Daily, 5 PM – Late
Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM – 4 PM