cha shao bao #2

Back when I was in Shanghai, I used to eat cha shao bao like mad (as referenced here) because they were yummy, cheap, and omnipresent. The other day I went to Flushing in Queens, New York, which is essentially like Chinatown. I had dim sum with my grandmother and took some cha shao bao home. Oh yum. Missed that stuff. Not cheap like the Chinese convenience stores, but definitely better quality.


I’m in the middle of finals, so I’m supposed to be hardcore paper writing. Ugh. I also have a long list of stuff on my to-do list, but since it’s been rainy and icky out … I’ve been lazy and have just been hanging out at home. Whups. I will be a better student … tomorrow … I promise.

cha shao bao

These delicious things called cha shao bao (barbecued pork buns) are addictive. Absolutely addictive. Especially because they’re only 1.5 kuai each at FamilyMart, one of the popular convenience store chains around here. That works out to around 20 cents each! These ones don’t look too great and the cha shao bao were definitely better in Hong Kong, but whatever. It all looks the same in my stomach.