munching on munchies

Because sometimes you just need a hamburger. And crinkle fries. Especially when there’s free delivery. And if that craving happens about once a week, what’s the big deal?


Oh yes. I don’t understand why people think burgers are oh so unhealthy. What’s in a burger? Bread, meat, vegetable, fruit (the tomato), and dairy. Right there you have your five major food groups. Granted there’s not much nutritional value in the accompanying fries, but they’re good for the soul, so they’re a-okay in my book.

Five years ago when I first arrived in Shanghai, I heard about this hamburger place called Munchies, which was opened by an American, so I gave it a try and promptly fell in love. A lot of the burger joints in Shanghai are the gourmet kind, but Munchies is more of a normal burger place: good service, good food, and decent prices. The food isn’t write-home-about, but it’s solid. Now Munchies has two locations, although I’ve only been to the one. And I will keep going, because it’s good eatin’.

974 Wuding Road
Jing’an District, Shanghai
+86 4008 008 420

why i like wednesdays: pizza street

Ah Pizza Street, how I adore you! Wednesday is quickly establishing itself as pizza night for me. They do a special deal, two pies for 110 RMB (including delivery) and the pizza’s actually pretty good! Apparently there’s a physical location, but I’ve only ever ordered online. Because when I think pizza, I think delivery and pajamas.


Pizza Street
477 Aomen Road, Block 4, Shop 103
Putuo District, Shanghai
+86 21 6233 5969

cha shao bao

These delicious things called cha shao bao (barbecued pork buns) are addictive. Absolutely addictive. Especially because they’re only 1.5 kuai each at FamilyMart, one of the popular convenience store chains around here. That works out to around 20 cents each! These ones don’t look too great and the cha shao bao were definitely better in Hong Kong, but whatever. It all looks the same in my stomach.


yams yum

I’m in the middle of midterms. Oh my gosh. My to-do list is two pages long right now. Must work on graduate school stuff. Thanksgiving is Thursday. Today I bought some yams. Cheap as heck. 5 kuai for a bag about 2.5 pounds. That’s less than a buck for around 8 good-sized yams! Don’t they look delish? Yeah, they’re a bit iffy-looking. Taste alright though.