my, what a large david you are

“David (inspired by Michelangelo)” by artist Serkan Ozkaya is a double-sized replica of the famous statue “David” by Michelangelo. Tuesday night I went down to Storefront for Art and Architecture on Kenmare Street because they were hosting a lecture about the nature of the double and the statue. I had been at a lecture earlier that evening by Srdjan Weiss that was held uptown, so by the time I got down to Storefront the place was packed and I didn’t stay long. Then again, given how small that space actually is, it’s always packed so I don’t know what I was expecting.


“David (inspired by Michelangelo)” was hanging out on a trailer in front of Storefront. Quite a shocking thing to see on a Manhattan street. I mean, it’s a gigantic 30-foot-tall statue that’s golden, horizontal, and on a freakin’ trailer. I knew it was going to be there and I was still taken aback by the sheer size and out-of-placedness of it. Ah, yet another quiet night in the city, eh? Anyway, it’s headed to a museum in Kentucky called 21c Museum, so goodbye, David, it was fun to see you!