goodbye, empire state of mind

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been in Texas, and I gotta say that even though I love Texas, my mind is still in New York. The landscape just seems so wrong … so flat and spread out and boring. Time moves at half the pace, like everything happens in slow-motion. Basically, I feel like I’m kinda trapped since I can’t really go anywhere without a long drive and there’s no walkability or anything interesting close by. Well, there is stuff to do downtown, but good gracious that’s a lot of effort and time!

My internship has started and so far it’s going well, but I haven’t really had a chance to explore what kind of interestingness this city has to offer. Everything’s so spread out that I really need to research things before going out. If I just started wandering like I used to in New York, I would probably end up lost and dehydrated, so … yeah. There are no views like from the Empire State Building, but I’m open. By the end of the summer I probably will’ve adjusted to the pace down here, just in time to be re-amazed by the wonders of New York.