trapped by rain

Sigh. Last summer Texas had droughts. This summer Texas has torrential downpours. I feel kind of trapped because of it. I’ve been spending wwaaaaaaayyy too much time cooped up in this house. Exactly one year ago I was traveling around China, doing whatever I wanted. This picture is from when I was on the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall in Beijing … and spent the day with a random Spanish guy named Julio (who I met on the chair lift). Ah, that was a fun time.


No such fun-ness here. Thursday I didn’t go to work because there’s no way I was going to drive half an hour into downtown Houston through heavy rain with thunder. I’m not a good driver to begin with, and getting on the highway when it’s raining heavily, I’m freaking out, and other drivers are freaking out … it ain’t pretty. Thankfully no flooding near where I am. It’s just … ugh.

ugh … life et cetera

I feel ucks. School has started up again, I have no more income, and I feel kind of sickly. I’m not sick, but I think the combination of a screwed-up sleep schedule and ridiculous eating schedule (yesterday I forgot to eat dinner until around 11 pm) are kind of getting to me. Plus, I switched into a higher level class and it’s a bit tough so my head hurts. I’m quite out of practice as well, having not used Mandarin in all the time I was traveling and on break. Yikes.

Speaking of the break, the below picture is of the Great Wall of China – in miniature. Shenzhen, China, has this park called Splendid China, where they have major Chinese tourist attractions in miniature form. Quite cute. Interesting. All in all a fun few hours of walking around. I kind of wish I knew more about Chinese architecture though. Okay, so Splendid China was fun, but what happened there was kind of weird, in that I ended up spending the day/evening with three random Chinese people.

At the entrance, a girl asked me to take a picture for her. She was also traveling alone and attached herself to me/dragged me along. She was kind of annoying, but whatever. Maybe five minutes in, she asked for directions from two guys, and they said they had just arrived themselves. So … she attached us to them. I spent about six hours with them, had dinner, caught a show, et cetera. Very weird. Weirder though, Shenzhen Guy1 (at least that’s what he’s listed at in my phone) called me today. Basically he said that next time he visits Shanghai I should cook for him. Um, no. I told him I can’t cook. Back in Shenzhen I barely spoke to them because I found the whole situation kind of odd, so I didn’t think he’d try to keep in touch, especially because he’s married with a kid and all. I said very little and kept the conversation short, which I hope was hint enough of LEAVE ME ALONE, but not sure. Hopefully he loses my number. Should never have given it in the first place. Ugh.