after the storm … just eh

That cataclysmic event never really happened where I am. I’ve gone through hurricanes before, so I thought everyone was unnecessarily freaking out about this Hurricane Sandy thing, but I got prepared anyway. Well, where I live things are just peachy. There was some wind and rain, but no flooding or building damage, and no loss of power or water. I’ve seen pictures from elsewhere in the city and wow things look bad! But not so much in upper Manhattan.

Central Park is closed but Morningside Park was open. A few trees were down and there were branches and leaves everywhere, but otherwise not too bad. Life uptown is going on fine, lots of people out and about. Only issue is … HOW LONG ARE THE SUBWAYS GOING TO BE SHUT? Because seriously, that’s going to be a problem. Guess that means no work tomorrow!

the frankenstorm begins

This is the view out my window. It’s only 6:30 PM, but it’s really dark outside, the wind is howling, and I have a feeling a few of those trees lining the street aren’t going to last very long. The storm’s just started, so it’ll probably get much worse as the night goes on. No school/work today or tomorrow, so that’ll give me a chance to catch up on thesis research and give me some time to recover from being sick. Thankfully we still have power! And lots of chocolate!