hey little man, can you wait a tad bit longer?

So … I’m in China. Sounds exciting, right? Well, eh. When I went to Beijing at the end of June I stopped by Shanghai and left a daruma doll in the apartment – one eye filled in. The daruma doll is a good luck talisman of sorts. You’re supposed to fill in one eye when you make a goal, and when you’ve reached the goal you get to fill the other eye in. So by having a one-eyed creepy little doll staring at you, it encourages you to keep working at your goal. It’s supposedly a traditional Japanese thing (all my information is coming from Wikipedia), and even though I’m not Japanese (and have no knowledge of this thing outside what Wikipedia is telling me), I like the premise of having a visual, physical signifier of a wish. Post-it notes and to-do lists I have. But those are about tasks; this is about a goal.

I’ll fill in the other eye once I have stable employment that I’m happy with. At the moment, no bites. A short little gig teaching English? Yep. But that ain’t gonna pay the rent. Needless to say, it ain’t gonna make much of a dent in the student loans either. Wish me luck! (I’ll need it.)


busy busy me

First post of September! Life is so busy right now, in a frantically wonderful way, that I feel compelled to share everything with the world (but edited as to remove anything that could be remotely identifiable). Posts and projects are probably going to become a bit more sparse, but oh well. School is starting to pick up, and good golly, all that homework – sheesh! Anyway, I still have quite a bit of free time, so I had been looking for a job. And I found one! YES!

090903 01 shopping

I celebrated by going to Michael’s and buying myself stuff. Only spent $3.89. The picture came out showing everything as blue, so I tried photoshopping it to the correct shades of purple. Eh. Ribbon was an odd texture, but the spool was only a dollar. Then I got a skein of embroidery floss because I was running low on #333. And … I bought myself the magnificent disappearing-ink pen that I have been craving for years. I first used one in high school and found them to be simply magical. They’re not expensive, normally $4.50 (or $2.25 with a 50% Michael’s coupon), but I could never bring myself to buy one, until now. YES!

Also, last but definitely not least, my darling sister is coming to see me. Well … I don’t know if “darling” is the right word to describe her. But I’m so excited! And then of course, Monday is Labor Day. Don’t you just love holidays? This means I can be lazy (and catch up on sleep) since I won’t have school and I won’t have work. YES!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]

need money, need job

When I complain about being a poor college student, it is because I am a) poor, and b) a college student. I have been desperately job hunting, and so far NO LUCK. I have e-mailed my resume to nine people and have heard back from three. One said they were no longer hiring, one said they received a lot of applications and would get back to me later, and the third gave me an interview (but it’s only a three-day job). At the suggestion of my sister, I’m looking into volunteering positions, but that doesn’t solve any of my money problems.

Arg … yes, this is a rather pointless rant, but I’m just so frustrated. I did a bit of shopping earlier today (er, Saturday afternoon) and I’ll have pictures and a more in-depth talk about it tomorrow (er, later today) Monday. Sheesh, I need to get back on a normal sleep schedule. Anyway, after my shopping trip I was exhausted since it’s hot out here and traffic was a nightmare, so I stopped by HEB because I have been craving milk. I’m lactose intolerant and haven’t had milk for months, so I picked up some yummy Lactaid milk, which unfortunately set me back about $3.50 for a half-gallon. That price made me sad. And before anyone starts pointing out that I had just been shopping, I’ll have you know that I only spent about $15 before I bought the milk. Yeah, so I’m not destitute, but I’m still decently poor. I NEED A JOB!

[NOTE: This post originally appeared on a now-deleted blog and is reposted here for my own sake.]