art on campus … 1st-year mfas!

Two weeks ago I attended the opening of an art exhibition on campus for the first-year MFA students. Some of the stuff was cool, some was confusing, some was merely eh. It was … an interesting mix. Nice change to escape studio for a bit though, and there was alcohol (always a plus)! Below is a selection of some of the pieces I found interesting.

120428 c

“untitled (blue monochrome 1 to 88),” “untitled (yellow monochrome 1 to 97),” “untitled (red monochrome 1 to 100)” – Arches 88 paper and ink – Jason Kraus

120428 b

“Between the Lines” – Newspaper, see-through mirror, wood, string, smoke – Jin Joo Chae

120428 a

“Live Forever” – Microsoft PowerPoint, clay – Laura Miller

120428 d

“April Showers” – sugar, T-shirt, video – Wang Xu