mangosteens, they do exist!

Now I can’t be for certain that they exist (in the United States) because I haven’t seen a mangosteen since I was in China, but apparently it’s a thing? Or at least Snapple’s latched onto it. Somewhat. Maybe it’s the exoticism of it, the unknown tropical fruit. I’ve only had a mangosteen once in my life, but I remember it being good. Sweet but a light, refreshing kind of sweet (unlike honey – yuck!). The Snapple, however, ain’t that great because the flavor is too light to work as a drink. But when I saw it in the vending machine at school I just had to buy it (dollar fifty be darned) for nostalgic reasons. Eh. Definitely not as good or as fun as a real mangosteen!


no work! weird fruit!

Today was my last day of work. Yay! It was also my first final. Boo! The person who handles payroll wasn’t here today, so I’ll probably have to go back tomorrow to check in with her. If she’s not there tomorrow, then I’ll have to go in on Monday. And then … that’s kind of pushing it. I don’t have much time left over here!

As for the final this morning, I’d rather forget about it. It was horrible. Wow. So bad. No matter, I got three more to go. Last night I made a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese because unhealthy American food is my kind of study food. I only ate part of it last night, so I just finished the rest off. It was delicious. But now I feel like my stomach is simultaneously gnawing at itself while verging on explosion. It’s very annoying and kind of painful. It’s a love-hate relationship.

Before the cheesy goodness was some lovely weird fruit. They’re called mangosteens. And they’re very, very weird. When I type “mangosteens” I get the red squiggle line underneath because my computer thinks it’s a typo – but it’s not. The shell is pretty thick and a bit hard, but the inside white stuff is really good. Really sweet and yummy. My friend had given them to me … without actually knowing what they were. Ha. We’re great friends.