panorama of the city of new york

Today I was in Queens. Eh, not my favorite borough of New York, but it was a good change of scenery. It’s amazing how open and full of space Queens is … really does not feel like the New York I’m used to. I went to the Queens Museum of Art, where there’s this gigantic architectural model of the city of New York. It’s massive. And it’s pretty cool. It was constructed by Robert Moses for the New York World’s Fair held in 1964-1965 and is updated to 1992, but that’s still pretty old school. I wouldn’t call it particularly beautiful, but the sheer scale of it is just amazing.

Unfortunately the rest of the museum collection seemed pretty lacking. The museum itself wasn’t very easy to get to either since you have to trek through Corona Park, which on a normal day might not be so bad … but today it was kinda rainy and yucky. Overall it was an okay experience and great to see the panorama … but it’s not a trip I’m likely to repeat.


where in the world is carmen sandiego?

I have made it back to New York! And I have an apartment! Whew! I came to New York without a place to live, so for a week I was going all over the city looking at places, and in the process did some sightseeing. New York of course has an international bent, from the historic ethnic neighborhoods, to the United Nations, to the zillions of languages spoken in the subways, to the hoards of foreign tourists.

120904 a

Exhibit #1: Even my grandmother’s little New York apartment has a gigantic world map. Sure, it’s a tad outdated (depicted is the USSR … it also had East and West Germany labeled over in Europe) but whatever, you get the gist of where countries are. I don’t think there are many grandmothers in Idaho with world maps on their walls.

120904 b

Exhibit #2: There is a large globe at Columbus Circle, which is the southwest corner of Central Park and a major subway stop. How much more “this is an international city” can you get other than to display a statue of a globe in a high-traffic area? Okay, so the steel globe isn’t really part of Columbus Circle itself, but it’s part of the Trump International Hotel and Tower, which is at Columbus Circle … so it still counts.

120904 c

Exhibit #3: Alighiero Boetti’s embroidered world maps, currently on display at MoMA. I know the Italian artist better as Alighiero e Boetti, which is what he was referred to during his exhibition at the CAMH. I remember reading about his exhibition at work this summer, and was completely surprised when I walked into MoMA and saw his stuff! His retrospective at MoMA is called “Game Plan” and will run until October 1st. Those tapestries are pretty amazing.

I took a few more pictures from MoMA and the Met, which I also went to, but those will have to wait for another post. Yay for New York!